Some good ole’ Bakersfield Country Cover Songs from the Lincoln Highway boys, Friday April 29th, 5-8

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Happy Hour Rockn’ Blues Gig + BBQ! 5-8pm

Come help us load up 5 Placer County Food Bank Bins on May 20th! This time of the year, the Food Banks run dry until Thanksgiving and Christmas and could use our help during the off season.  Live Country Music from The
Way Out West Band! Food Truck to be announced.

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Join Us For A Beer!


It’s a clean and simple pale lager and one of the more popular beer varieties.


Stouts have an unclear history, yet it’s strongly held by many that they derive from porters.


Pale ale is one of the world’s most popular beer styles. It’s made with the use of pale malt.


It’s a very old style beer, whose history dates back to unhopped ales.

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